Magic of Travel

My first post

Magic of Travel. Travel has the power to make you fall in love with places and people all over again. While traveling, you will come across subjects that can evoke wanderlust in you. You will wish to embark on a never ending journey.You meet plenty of interesting people, hear amazing stories, visit locales that take your breath away, experience exuberant festivals, eat different kind of local food and see wildlife in all its glory. The hustle and bustle, the neon lights, the sweat, the grime and the crowds-all elements that define a city.It opens your eyes to the wonders of natural and human elements. You realize that the whole world is alive and thrumming with life. It inspires you to trap a fleeting instant of this energetic flow in your camera. This is Magic of travel and it is on this wondrous journey that we  help you embark on, as you turn the page.



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